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Our Mission

Our mission at ApprentiScope is to empower organizations to scale Registered Apprenticeships and Work-Based Learning programs as competitive talent strategies.




Great Design, Better Execution

Life is too short for half-baked designs and mediocre execution. At ApprentiScope, our products (not our marketing or advertising) are at the forefront of everything we do.

Continuous Improvement

Improving as often as possible is fundamental to our culture at ApprentiScope. We believe failure isn’t a prerequisite for success, but learning from mistakes and adapting quickly certainly is.

Promoting Skills

We believe that skill fundamentally outweighs pedigree, which is why we're on a mission to expand access to skills-based training opportunities for all.

Trust & Compassion

If you don't have trust, it's hard to get anything done, especially in business. Establishing trust & fostering compassion is fundamental to how we engage with the world.

Keeping things Straightforward

It's difficult to make decisions when conversations are shrowded in ego and acronyms. Keeping it straightforward allows everyone to save time & make better decisions.

Meet the Team


Will Lippolis

William Lippolis

Founder & CEO

Alex Mahoney

Alex Mahoney

Sr. Account Executive

Ariel Hennon

Ariel Hennon

Customer Success Manager

Terrylynn Pearlman

Terrylynn Pearlman

Customer Success Manager

Michael Peplowski

Michael Peplowski

Onboarding Specialist

Madison Stadler

Madison Stadler

Account Executive

Andrew Larson

Andrew Larson

Sales Development Rep.


Remote Work

Health Insurance

Vision Insurance

Dental Insurance

Stock Options

20+ PTO Days

10+ Paid Holidays

Unlimited Sick Days

Medical Leave

Parental Leave

Educational Leave

WFH Stipend

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